Gifted, multipotentials, design your career and make it happen

Is there a special career path for gifted and multipotentials ? Special needs I do think their career path may be specific, given their special traits : high mental, infinite curiosity and passions, challenges managing their emotions and relationships, empathy « size large », running away from boredom like from death, always looking for a work life balance. The […]

Challenges for Gifted or multipotentials at work

Gifted at work. They are always curious, interested in multiple topics, they have has a special way of processing, always very mental, very fast, connecting informations and worlds that even do not exist for others. They understand things without being able to explain them, and they are often right. They strongly value justice, enjoy beauty, […]

Tyranny of personal branding for gifted and multipotentials

Let’s meet again multipotentials and gifted. They are very curious, have diverse interest, passions, they connect everything that can be connected such as ideas, projects, trends, withouth speaking about this intuitive capacity what others cannot perceive or understand. This is the reason why, when starting a job search for instance, multipotentials have to introduce themselves. […]