Is there a special career path for gifted and multipotentials ? Special needs I do think their career path may be specific, given their special traits : high mental, infinite curiosity and passions, challenges managing their emotions and relationships, empathy « size large », running away from boredom like from death, always looking for a work life balance. The fact as well for multipotentials to have several interests and passions prevent them from enjoying some expert jobs, to do the same during years. The multipotentials needs divesity and change, they need a framework to evolve. Withouth speaking about their feeling of loneliness, high sens of justice and esthetique. Special challenges
  • Feeling a stranger, as they processes differently than others
  • A great sense of justice that may lead them to some « rigidity », and may isolate them from their colleagues
  • A relationship approach sometimes complex : with their different sylte, the multipotentials may have some difficulties approaching others with serenity. There is a major learning opportunity here.
  • Management of emotions, that may go up and down
  • A search for meaning that may « handicap » them in their daily life, if they are asked about execution and not thinking
  • Politics and visibility. Not all are equiped the same way to influence, maneuver. With being sometimes candide, their habits to share the truth to all, the multipotentials may not be at ease in any environment
  • The need for an ad-hoc career, not a linear one, they would not bear staying 10 years in the same job.
Special challenge about financial security We saw it before, multipotentials may have strong ideals, and are looking for purpose intensively. Therefore they may not look at financial security for a first objective, as their priority is purpose. It can be interesting for the multipotentials to work their relationship to money, to their financials needs, to ensure that the business model they chose will allow them to live the life they want. This may seem simple to write, though this is key in multipotentials’ life and balance. Career changes are numerous, and this is a criteria to consider. Hopefully one can change their business model along their life. Chose their model Some will chose an hybrid, slasher model, they may have several jobs at the same time. Some will like entrepreneurship. They will need to chose an organization that fit them well. Some keys for multipotentials to make their career happen, instead of dreaming it
  • Learn about their multipotentials traits, and what to do with them
  • Clarify their definition of a successful career and life
  • Learn to define and achieve objectives
  • Work their relationship with money and their need of financial security
  • Work their « personal branding » and their visibility
This is why I created the program « Design your career and make it happen, to help multipotentials create their own methodology that they will be able to use along their career. Do you need to discuss your special challenges ? I propose you to contact me , we will be able to discuss the best program to support you or I may redirect you to other resources  

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