Talent and Visibility

Building your personal brand

Identifying your CliftonStrengths strengths & talents

The proposed solution

Discover what makes you unique! CliftonStrength (formerly Strength Finder), now used by 30 million people worldwide, helps you discover and make the most of your strengths for a better, more intense life.

The benefits
Through a CliftonStrengths 34 review, you:
Become aware of your natural talents
Gain in confidence
Explain your unique DNA using a vocabulary shared by 30 million people worldwide
Improve your performance at work and apply your talents in every area of your life
Improve your teamwork
Grow in leadership
Integrate your strengths as differentiators to create your personal brand

Feedback on your brand

The proposed solution

360BRAND is an innovative tool that gives you objective feedback on how others perceive you. Receive feedback and adjust your perceptions and actions to feel true to yourself, your personal brand, your career or your business.

The benefits
The 360BRAND is a survey that you can launch to the people you want, and which will give you anonymous feedback on: the particularities of your personal brand, your talents, your role in a team, your strengths and challenges, two Chinese portraits, and "clues" about your relationships with the people who will answer your survey. At the same time, you'll also have filled in your evaluation and can compare your perceptions with those received from others.

How does it work? - Virtual format
1 - 1-month process - once you have purchased your 360BRAND, you will receive a link to the survey and an e-mail template, to be sent to a minimum of 25-30 people (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) for response. You'll receive anonymous feedback through the Personal Branding France platform, and after 30 days you'll receive a pdf document with all the completed responses.
- You have 2 options here:
1) Review your results alone
2) Request the support of a 360BRAND coach to analyze the results with you and identify concrete actions: 2 virtual sessions of 1 hour and work between the 2 sessions. I guide you to review your results and bring out the most important information for you, your priorities, and define an action plan that suits you and that you want to put into action.

Personal Branding

The proposed solution

Personal branding applies to an individual all the branding principles that enable a brand to become clearly positioned in its market and/or system (pro/perso/social/citizen...), differentiated and enduring. When a personal brand starts from the inside, is embodied, the person lives it and reflects it on a daily basis. It shines visibly and authentically, for what it IS rather than what it DOES.

Personal branding is the process of aligning, nurturing and raising the profile of a personal brand. It's based on self-knowledge, our differentiators, authenticity and coherence, which are the new keys to success in tomorrow's world. Stop being "fake", rediscover who you are, express and radiate your uniqueness for the benefit of all.

How does it work? ?
Format (virtual): to be defined according to your specific needs, around 25 hours of support if this is a new area for you.

Your partner 

Passionate about developing people and transforming organizations, I've been working internationally for over 25 years.

Specialist in High Potential and Talent Development. Member of International Coaching

Certified by various schools: Executive Coach, CliftonStrengths coach, 360Brand, Personal Branding Strategist, Mastermind Facilitator.

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