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Individual support

As your neutral, caring partner, I'll help you find your strengths and solutions through powerful questioning. You'll clarify your objectives and make progress by finding your own solutions.

Please note: a coach will ask you questions without providing solutions, and will help you find your own resources and develop your autonomy; a consultant will help you create a plan; a tutor will give you advice; a therapist will focus on the past and the why. I'm not a therapist.

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss the type of support that's right for you.

A partnership is a meeting, a "fit" between two personalities and the creation of a tailor-made path. It all starts with an initial exchange...see you soon!

Your partner 

Passionate about developing people and transforming organizations, I've been working internationally for over 25 years.

Specialist in High Potential and Talent Development. Member of International Coaching

Certified by various schools: Executive Coach, CliftonStrengths coach, 360Brand, Personal Branding Strategist, Mastermind Facilitator.

Virtual, in French, English and Spanish.