High and multipotentials Create your career and make it happen!

The proposed solution

Are you ready to get involved, to change the situation because you can't afford to stay in the same situation a few months from now?

Program in 12 sessions, and work to be done between sessions

  • Clarify your objective
  • Identify your talents and strengths to build on
  • Set up your professional ecosystem to focus and achieve concrete results
  • Define your plan - so you can adjust throughout your working life
  • Communicate - Optimize your linkedin profile to reach the "right" people
  • By taking your specific HP needs into account throughout the program.
 Virtual, in French, English or Spanish, and booklets for your work between sessions, 6 months support, 1 session every 2 weeks

Your partner 

Specialist in HPI and multupotentials, multi-casks validated by associated certifications, over 25 years' experience in the corporate world and internationally, and self-employed for 5 years.

I'm both a creator and a strategist (confirmed by my Clifton Strengths), and I also like concrete results (I've been managing big projects for years).

Finally, I have experience in training and talent development, as well as in public speaking.

A career portfolio, you say?