Gifted at work. They are always curious, interested in multiple topics, they have has a special way of processing, always very mental, very fast, connecting informations and worlds that even do not exist for others. They understand things without being able to explain them, and they are often right. They strongly value justice, enjoy beauty, and may be hypersensitive.

Depending on their environment and colleagues, gifted can feel a gap, even a big gap with neurotypical people. They may face some challenges, such as :

They do not succeed communicating an idea

Gifted already understood the situation, thye developed a vision, they decrypted the hidden human interactions…and their colleagues may stilll be at the very beginning of understanding the issue. They suggest an idea, they already found it, why not taking advantage of it ? But their idea is not welcome. Others do not understand multipotentials had « THE » solution. Yes…though multipotentials acted thinking form their side, wihtout looking around and checking where others were : they were out of step….In real life, to welcome an idea, it is not enough to have found it, there is as well a need to work at communicating it. It is key to think about this step for the idea to be well welcome. How much frustration for the multipotentials !

They go too fast

Having the ideas is one thing. Though it happens regularly that the multipotentials interrupt, or end others’ sentence : their reasoning is already further away than his colleagues, and they think « we will save time ».

As previously, their speaking can be badly perceived, if this happens often, unfortunately people my generalize this perception. The multipotentials are once more frustrated, they feel rejected and not understood.

They look for purpose

People may work to pay invoices, to save the world, because « this is the way it is ». Multipotentials can exhaust people through their permanent search for meaning, why do we this, what is the purpose, while they may be asked sometimes to only exectute « without thinking ». They may feel very sad about that.

People do not like multipotentials

They are so fast, they are living on another planet, they are looking for purpose when others don’t…Finally they feel different, excluded, as true aliens. People do not like them, they feel isolated, how much pain !

Which solutions ?

These are some examples of challenges that may happen at work. What is the commonality between them ? The special way multipotentials process, the need for understanding how others process, as well as understanding and chosing the the good environement for them.

If the multipotentials work with people « more like them », if they learns how to work, to listen, to appreciate others’ value even if these are not multiptentials (yes, multipotentials may have taken the habit to find others « stupid »), they may find a way of processing, what is good for them, where they can find more value and feel more peaceful, in order to take much more pleasure at work, in their working reltaionship and in their life.

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