Let’s meet again multipotentials and gifted. They are very curious, have diverse interest, passions, they connect everything that can be connected such as ideas, projects, trends, withouth speaking about this intuitive capacity what others cannot perceive or understand. This is the reason why, when starting a job search for instance, multipotentials have to introduce themselves. « You need to pitch, you have 5 minutes to explain who you are, your project, and convince the person in front of you. » This is a national and international and standard exercise today. Yes….yes BUT. I add a major BUT, because to define one’s identify, to chose what we expect to present, to sell oneself and get visible…I think this is one of the biggest challenge for gifted and multipotentials. How to define oneself ? « My name is X, I am X years old, I am living at XXX. I like to do 100 things in my life. I feel like doing 1000 things in my life. I do not know how and I am not interested in chosing… » The key challenge is to define the message we want to build, depending for sure on the interlocutor and the professional project. This starts with fondations, to get to know oneself. This is what will remain the most stable during one’s life, the piece where we can get more information. What I want to do : what will be YOUR redline ? What will make sense for you, and help give meaning when you explain your project, that you « picth » in front of your interlocutor ? What can you share joyfully, feeling legitimate, not an impostor ? This will be the result of an introspection, a projection, and a choice methodology that works for you. Yes this is a difficult exercise, though a methodology you will be able to reuse along your career. To sell oneself This may be almost be seen as an insult for multipotentials. It should not exist in the dictionnary ! What is preventing gifted or multipotentials to sell themselves ?
  • Chaos : to have so many projects does not help to clarify an action, a history. To work on choices will be key.
  • The lack of value we see in oneslef. If the multipotential do not recognize their own value, i twill be difficult to show it to others. The work starts with themselves.
  • Procrastination. Gifted and multipotentials are the kings of procrastination, they can have difficulties to take action.
  • Stress of being locked dow « If I seel myself as X, I could be seen as X for the rest of my life, when I am not this image, I am multiple, diverse, this is not me ».
It will then be to work an authentic message that can help value your personality. Conclusion  No, personal branding is not a barbaric world, it became mandatory on social network, on daily life, everywhere where you need to be able to introduce yourself shortly. Yes this tool is accessible for gifted and multipotentials, it is for them to work in depth so that they can use this foundation for the rest of their life, to be able to adjust their brand as per their changes in life, in projects, like everyone else. It is about cretating « their » model, the one that will work for them. For you You wish to learn how to « sell » yourself and develop your personal brand ? I propose you to contact me at contact@marionfontaine.com  

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