I chose to support gifted and multipotentials as I feel aligned with this type of personalities, and I identified I can help them find peace, love themselves, grow in their professional and personal life, « bloom », find their place and better contribute to the word. Interest of tests Following a test and a diagnostic, the gifted or multipotential can be happy to understand, find explanation to their different challenges in life, the why they feel as strangers, alien, with potential difficult relationships with others. This is a first step, and a lot of questioning. What a change, a group to be part of, the finding of an identity, the multipotentials are no longer alone and isolated, others understand them ! This is a true relief ! Some will succeed using all these information to learn, integrate this way of processing in their life that will be nicer, for themselves and the people around. The limit of testing I saw as well as lot of multipotentials lock themselves in this nice label of « multipotentials » or « gifted », that may seem first flattering when we first think gifted means high level of intelligence. Whether the multipotential will share their multipotentiality or not, they may define themselves only through this bias, looking to prove daily that they stick to that definition. The multipotential make it the definition of their being. To lock themselves in such a label can lead to think « I am better than others », that « all the others are stupid », that « I am part of a group of 2,3% only of mankind ». And to be proud of it. With a lot of tenderness, I would say mostly clumsy, not mature enough on the topic. The grouping of multipotentials or gifed can be of interest, if it does not reach their extreme : an elite, a cast. A path Therefore, there is this interesting phase of understanding, search for convenient environment, redefinition of relationship and communication modalities, set up of ecosysteme and specific boundaries to create. To me the diagnostic is a springboard, the understanding of instructions that will help them find and  get to know themselves. The interest, once equipped, is almost to forget that they are multipotentials or gifted, to turn to what makes sense for them, what they want to offer to the world. By using these traits, by relying on them, no more need of claiming the fact to be multipotentials or gifted, this will not be helpful any longer. From the day they will find their place, when they know how to find it, there is no longer need for labels, it was useful for a time, it may help again in the future, though this is no longer a crutch, the explanation of systematic reason for apologizing. It is now about living as simple human beings. For you ?  You have questions, you are looking for support, to take action ? I propose you contact me : contact@marionfontaine.com

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