Communication is the source of any human relationship, and can transform this one in true happiness or calamity. The multipotentials, with his feeling of being different, an impostor, lacking of self esteem, thinking in tree structure, ultra sensitive, is a great candidate for interesting relationship challenges. Regular challenges Lack of listening. While others speak, the multipotential brain can do the work, find a solution, and communicate it sometimes jumping into others reasoning. This way of working may seem natural and candide for the multipotential, though it may be difficult for the one who could not end his sentence, could not terminate his reasoning. This could develop frustration in front of the multipotential who just wanted to help. Sawtooth emotions. The multipotential can feel strong and changing emotions, he may raise peaks. If he does not learn how to identify them and to manage them, the coktail may be explosive for his interlocutor. Lack of self esteem versus superioritiy complex. As much as the multipotential can cruelly lack of self esteem, he can candidely express his superiority in front of others, who is « slower »,  even « stupid » as there is a difference in the processing and the speed of processing. This type of feeling, even not said, transpires, and can lead to a malaise between two people. Intuition versus facts. It may happen that multipotentials find solutions while being unable to explain them. Resulting of an intuitive and senstive understanding of the environment and trends, rapid intuition that enable to achieve a result, it may be that the multipotential cannot explain. This will not help as this may reinforce his feeling of not being legitimate. Thinking in tree mode. We often say that the multipotential thinks in tree, in summary start speaking about Tokyo to end to the neighbour’s cat, with a true logic. Not everyone is able to understand and follow this kind of thought, and the multipotential may lose his unaware interlocutor easily. This is an art to be able to follow a multipotential in his speaking. What to do from there ? Understand oneself. As always, knowing oneself is the first step. Being aware of one’s to be able to work the relationship with others. Learning emotions management. Personaly, the non violent communication of Marshall Rosenberg changed my life. Learn to listen « for real ».  To work listening to offer more space to the interlocutor, to create a relationship of trust, valorizing new ideas…Have you already observed how many multipotentials became coaches ? Learn when to speak. Even if having a solution, learning to speak at the good time, being strategic and less candide about communicating ideas. Conclusion For any human being, learning how to communicate for sane and balanced relationship is key. The multipotential can identify his own challenges and learn how to deal with them. This will change his life and will bring you more peace and balance. For you You need support or advice ? I propose you to contact me at  for a discovery session of 30 minutes

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