Vocation… ? I never had a vocation. When you are interested in almost everything, it is difficult to become a specialist. This is the reason why I chose generalist studies, from bachelor to MBA to continue opening all doors – and note to close any of them of course…one of the multipotential challenge is : not to chose ! Some people know what they are looking for since the begining, their « field ». I had the feeling to search, again and again….until I entered the training area in a very large international corporation, what a relief ! Human, large understanding of the enterprise, variety of projets and people, intellectual challenges, diversity and diversity, learning and learning, never ending learning…that felt good ! Questioning ? Since my 20, I was wondering, I questioned, « why am I not like the others? »…I was very inspired by books such as « Refuse to chose » from Barbara Sher, and my new role as mother, how to live with hypersensitive kids, who never stop, have a fast way of thinking, a huge sense of humour….I found wonderful keys in books for « atypical » people. Learning A path, a long path….I started investing in training, in myself, in non violent communication (such a thanks to NVC !), parenting, and then a coaching certifcation, to add to my consulting, project manager, manager of international virtual team experiences. I was surely looking for credibility with this certification – the famous « impostor syndrom », so trendy ! And for me, who is always in action fast, able to end someone else sentence before they finish, empathetic, overwhelmed…I started listening to them with all my heart, sharing my progresses, helping them find their own peace, their own balance… Spécialization And I specialized (yes !) in gifted and multipotentials as…I understand the way they process, some of their key challenges : a never ending mental, relationship issues, hypersensitivity, attraction for toxic personalities, difficulties in managing emotions, need for permanent intellectual stimulation, lack of rest, of worklife balance, the fact to feel lonely, sometimes rejected… I continued reading and training on multipotentials, that helped me bring relief and comfort at personal level, help me better know myself and act as a consequence. And help others ! Supporting gifted and multipotentials Since some years now, I support in priorities gifted and multipotentials, often on career, worklife balance, emotions and communication management, goals setting, and other more professional areas such as leadership development, first steps in new job, public speaking…and many others. I combine a passion for the individual and an interest to make an organizational and world impact. My mission I dream of a more peaceful world. Peace starts within you, to better communicate and live with others. I wish to help gifted and multipotentials develop this peace to contribute to a better world. For you Do not hesitae to contact me for a 30 minutes connection, I will be happy to get to know you ! Please contact contact@marionfontaine.com

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