Multipotentials have usually the following traits in common : curious, (multi)- passionate, fast, connecting what cannot be connected, identifying trends that were unknown until today, they can have as well a great sense of humour, of justice and beauty, an intense search for purpose, and a large empathy. Definition of empathy Empathy is to put oneself into the shoes of others from a cognitive and spatial point of view, while staying at its own place. This is not to feel what the other feel, as we often hear. Multipotentials are gifted for empathy – and simple-heart kindness, guessing the needs of others, often before their own needs. Because they lack of self confidence ? To help adjust to any situation ? – as we need to note, multipotentials are often very resilient. Major challenge for the empathetic This can explain why multipotentials are attracted by toxic personalities, and/or narcissistic perverts. Empathy is a fault that these ugly kind of personalities spot on. While in courtship phase, identifying multipotentials lack of sel esteem, their incredible level of energy, and this large kindness, they will attract the multipotentials, shine around them, cajole them. The multipotentials have the gift to listen to them, to understand them, sometimes « to save » them, though they will not succeed. But narcissistic perverts may succeed to destroy the multipotentials at longer term. Developping their self-empathy I feel like telling the multipotentials that empathy is of key for their well being. Infact, listening to others is wonderful, and may lead them to some jobs about caring about other people, where they can excel. And if, instead of putting focus on others as priority number one, they could focus on themselves, their own needs, the help of their own person ? You surely know the story of the plane close to crash, if you want to help other passengers, you first need to wear your own oxygen mask, this will ensure you can be efficient helping others. Here, this is the same. For multipotentials to take the time to listen to themselves, to understand their feelings, needs, as if they were their best friend of the person they like to help. Being a listener and kind to themselves will help multipotentials grow their self esteem and self confidence, help them love themselves, help them protect from toxic personalities, as well to be more authentic, as their needs will not be taken as a second priority. Their needs will be clarified and this will lead to internal and external shiness. As a summary, what to do
  1. First, realize that their level of empathy may be higher than the average
  2. To protect themselves. Knowing this is a trait that attract toxic personalities, work to identify this kind of people to be able to protect from them.
  3. Raise their boundaries. Identify till where empathy can lead them, identify where to stop
  4. Chose with who to be empathetic, with who to bring this incredible kindness, that often translates into listening, a gift of oneself. Not everyone deserve it.
  5. Develop their self empathy. Self love will transform their life
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