Multipotentials, how easy is it for you to make choices ? Multipotentials traits You recognize yourself as multipotential if you are interested in multiple topis, are curious of everything, opening everyday more doors in your life. Your need for learning, intellectual challenge, your crazy curiosity, your never ending movment…this is your characteristic and this is the driver of your life. You may have several passions – more than the average let’s say – several jobs, you have little rest (what is rest by the way ?) and you are fine with this, almost fine. You may feel tired, feeling a lack of self esteem. You may be sad of never achieving a project, a passion, after having used all this energy, all this life… What is happening This is the reason why, when you have to chose jobs, any change, you will face more challenges than the average. When we have all the menus from all restaurants open in front of us, which one to chose ? How ? Why ? How to be sure not to regret your choice afterwards ? I think that choice is an issue well known by multipotentials…Could we even say « no choice », as in front of so many options, the multipotential may not chose, wait, put off until tomorrow…And finally does nothing. He may let life chose for himself. Using this way of « chosing »/ « not chosing » may be fine for some time, a good reason to continue starting multiple projects, activities, researches. What to do, how to chose ? I have a question for you : do you finally know what is important for you ? What deserves that you spend all your time, passion, heart and life ? You may tell me : to give me a clear objective, is to « kill » me, this is destroying my creativity, the energy that I need to grow… I understand you, dear multipotentials, I hear you and I understand you. Experience first helped understand the way I process, yes, I love multi projects…And finally I could develop my own methodology, to give a direction while taking care of my need for diversity and movement. The fact to achieve some of the objectives I had identified enabled me to feel better, to feed by self esteem as we say in coaching. Therefore yes, one can learn how to focus, to identify what is meaningful. And this gives peace, motivate, help change life. Yes I am able of this. Yes I CHOSE something that will make a difference in my life. To achieve this step, this requires introspection, understanding of yourself, identifying what finally is most important for you in your life. Create YOUR model, the one that will help you give purpose to your life, and to take decisions as a consequence. For you I am available to help you progress on your path, to bring you purpose, trust, peace and results….Contact me at to turn your project into reality    

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