About routine and habits From all my readings, it appears that creating new and « good » habits help achieve our objectives. Everyday is a little step to achieve result at the end of the path. It is about clarifying our objectives, establishing a status of our bad habits – or the ones not good at long term ! (for instance go to bed very late, eat only chocolate…), to replace them by « sane and productive » habits (to wake up at 6 am, meditate, write 10 pages in automatic mode, caress your cat, drink a coffee…) I do not know for you, for me hearing the word « routine » makes me shiver, cry, I am afraid of it, it represents a threat to my mental and physical health ! Routine and multipotentials Routine seems the opposite to my multipotential needs, diversity, joy, change, creativity….It represents the end of freedom, the top achievement for some…but not mine. May I confess I wish I would be like the « organized-tribe », they seem so happy and productive… Please let me chose, let me procrastinate when I wish, let me express my multipotential identity, free and without routine ! And… Life catches me back, experience speaks : I need to agree, to achieve an objective, plan and actions are great tools, as well as setting up some habits…You understood the handicap to start with, so, what to do ? My advice for multipotentials It is about to set up something that works for YOU. Hopefully cleaning teeth and taking showers became automatisms. What coud you put in automatic pilot to gain time, productivity and help you progress (slowly and surely) to your life objectives, whether they are small or big ? First, take the time to get to know yourself, to tame yourself. Your needs, your values, your objectives, what works for you and what does not work.
  1. Identify what is important for you at mid-term, chose a limited number of obectives and link some key actions to them
  2. To define your objectives, connect them with a higher objective, to what you expect to become (not to have)
  3. Identify key actions to transform them into habits. Eat healthy : purchase only fruits as desert. Repire deeply 3 days a day : set up your phone alarm for this.
  4. Some will tell you a minimum of 21 days to anchor a new habit
  5. And above all, find what works for YOU
  6. Bring creativity, fun, build a team, give you the freedom to stop your habit whenever, challenge yourself.
  7. And celebrate, you the multipotential who hates routine succeeded to do something important for him, then he can move to the next topic. And his self esteem (the value I give to myself) is growing.
  8. What do you learn ? The small dance steps, the respect of your needs in the way you build your system, your capacity to achieve your objectives through a method that respect yourself.
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