Empathy and self-empathy for multipotentials

Multipotentials have usually the following traits in common : curious, (multi)- passionate, fast, connecting what cannot be connected, identifying trends that were unknown until today, they can have as well a great sense of humour, of justice and beauty, an intense search for purpose, and a large empathy. Definition of empathy Empathy is to put oneself […]

The « gifted» or « Multipotential » label

I chose to support gifted and multipotentials as I feel aligned with this type of personalities, and I identified I can help them find peace, love themselves, grow in their professional and personal life, « bloom », find their place and better contribute to the word. Interest of tests Following a test and a diagnostic, the gifted […]

How I became a specialist for gifted and multipotentials

Vocation… ? I never had a vocation. When you are interested in almost everything, it is difficult to become a specialist. This is the reason why I chose generalist studies, from bachelor to MBA to continue opening all doors – and note to close any of them of course…one of the multipotential challenge is : […]