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Design your career & Make it happen !

The career program tailored for High & Multipotentials

You Feel
  • Bored at work
  • A lack of purpose
  • Your brain & emotions never rest
  • You do not have a career strategy
  • You do not know where to start

You want to

  • Understand your uniqueness to leverage from it
  • Clarify your vision & goals to help identify meaningful work
  • Define your professional ecosystem to move to tangible next steps
  • Learn to market yourself to connect with the appropriate people
  • Get help & support

 Design Your Career & make it happen

  • Learn about your HP specifics
  • Reveal your unique strengths to create your unique professional value
  • Design your career vision to set up your compass
  • Translate your strategy in goals, projects and actions
  • Set up a professional ecosystem to help you focus & achieve concrete results
  • Communicate – Optimize your linkedin profile to reach the « good » people
  • Get support to boost your career


The program contains

  • 20 min of free consultation to get to know each other, discuss about a trustful coaching and a tailored program
  • 60 minutes by sesssion through skype or zoom, 5 intense sessions on your project
  • Homework with booklets between the sessions on the programme areas
  • Linkedin profile optimization
  • Answer to mails within 3 months after the coaching

Individual coaching tailored to your need!

Indivudal coaching focused on your specific HP career development need

Example of specific topics :

  • Plan your goals
  • Organize yourself
  • Manage your relationships
  • Manage remotely
  • Balance your worklife
  • Grow in public speaking
  • Manage your emotions at work


  • 90 minutes of intense work on your specific career development challenge through zoom or skype 

Are you a Hi-potential ?


Get some clues with the below quiz


Do you have 50 ideas at the same time ?

Do you have several passions ?

Does it happen to you you do not know how to explain your decisions ?

Is it difficult for you to chose ?

Do you often procrastinate ?

Is worklife/balance a key challenge for you ?

Does if happen you often get bored ?

Do you wish to become an actor more than an observer of your career ?

Are your emotions doing ups and down ?

Are your ideas often stolen?

Hi potential Quiz
Did you answer a maximum of "yes"? Do you recognize yourself with such traits? If yes, let's meet each other!
Did you answer a maximum of "yes"? Do you recognize yourself with such traits? If yes, let's meet each other!

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